Thursday, August 23, 2007

Denver on my mind

Actually Colorado Springs. I'll be flying with my family to Colorado Springs on Saturday. We're spending the weekend there visiting my brother-in-law and, hey imagine that, there's a Galaxy game in Denver on Sunday.

Anyway, I'm flying on Express Jet to Colorado Springs. Just wondering if anyone has taken that particular airline before so I know what to expect. It looks like we'll either board a jet with 50 seats or one with 37.


Jerel said...

EJ operates planes in smaller regional airports for several of the major airlines. They basically take private jets, cram 50 or so seats into the plane and take off. It's a bit cramped in my opinion.

As for seating configurations, I've only encountered two different setups on these planes. The first is two seats, an aisle, and two seats. The other configuration is one seat, aisle, and two seats.

Bonji said...

LB, come to the Class VI tailgate before the game. I know you media types get special attention from the club but the tailgate will have kegs of Fullers and plenty of food. You'll meet some good Denver folks too.

L.B. said...

Sweet, Bonji. Thanks for the invite.

I might just do that. When I go to a stadium I've never been before, I try to get there waaaaay early just in case I get lost or something. Better to be there early than trying to navigate unfamiliar territory while a game is about to start. So I imagine getting to DSG pretty early. Perhaps I'll see you there!