Friday, August 24, 2007

Becks bonfire

"It's better to burn out than to fade away."

The Times breaks down David's crazy itinerary.

One small bit of history was also made by Beckham in the friendly versus Germany. He became the first player to ever earn a cap for England while playing for a non-European club .


Howie said...

Hey AC and LB, where are the audio clips from your post-game interviews from last night's SuperClasico?

A.C. said...

Ha, ha, you're going to make Luis feel bad.

Although I record interviews, I only have a mini-cassette recorder. Luis has the digital one that he can upload clips from. Last night, he accidently left it at home. He has a backup one, but it doesn't allow downloads. So he was able to record stuff for his articles, but has no sound clips for you guys.

He was kicking himself over it last night - he got some good stuff, especially from the Chivas USA guys.

He'll probably be a little gratified to know that they were missed.

howie said...

I was really looking forward to hearing what the Galaxy players had to say after such a bad beating. Anyone say anything out of the norm or was it the usual PC stuff?

Adam said...

I think you are wrong about Becks being first to get a cap while with a non-English team. I believe Owen Hargreaves has that honor.

Adam said...

OOOPS - my bad - I read that wrong, I thought it said "Non-English club"

L.B. said...


Sorry I don't have any audio clips from last night's game. I messed up and left my good digital recorder at home.

If it makes you feel better, though, I'll have it with me in Denver for Sunday's game so look out for some stuff from DSG Park.

And yes, I do feel bad. I felt bad then and I feel bad now :(

East River said...

LB you could stick a line in the ear plug jack of your recorder and stick the other end of the line into the mic jack of your recorder that allows downloads.

Matt said...

I believe Owen Hargreaves has that honor.

AFAIK, that distinction belongs to Gerry Hitchens, who played for Inter in the early '60s.

Hargreaves was the first to get called up without ever playing in England.