Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Rumor patrol

I've gotten a couple of emails asking about rumored tension between Galaxy general manager Alexi Lalas and coach Frank Yallop.

Well, I'll readily observe that there's definitely tension in the air around the Galaxy right now. The team isn't in a great spot in the table and there's more pressure than there probably has ever been in the history of MLS to change that right now. Anyone who can be happy-go-lucky in that situation is probably clueless. Being upset that the team isn't doing well doesn't mean you're angry with your colleagues, however.

Alexi does have the reputation of a coach killer, but he got along very well with Dom Kinnear, who was Frank's protege, and he's backed Frank at every step during his Galaxy tenure. I'm not sure they agree on everything, but I've never seen anything like either of them ignoring each other. Alexi usually stops by every practice and is in the locker room after every game and he and Frank usually exchange a few words.

Though Frank could be upset about recent trades, I don't really think so. After last week's game, he spoke specifically of the leadership that Chris Klein, Carlos Pavon and Abel Xavier bring to the Galaxy and how their experience helps the team. Those are all the latest moves, and I doubt Frank would be praising them if he was in any way against them.

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Anonymous said...

I had doubts about what Alexi was doing with the team since he took over. But if you look at the roster today compared to last year I believe it's a better team. That doesn't mean I'm happy with him yet.