Friday, July 27, 2007

Abel's truth

Abel Xavier is great. He's part experienced soccer player, part philosopher. Absolutely great combination.

Listen to this audio clip where he talks about playing against Mexican teams, the travel part of the U.S. game and marathons.


Anonymous said...

That guy makes some good points. He sounds pretty smart despite the flashy hair style. Did he ever explain the whole testing positive for performance enhancing drugs incident?

Anyway its good to know that a player especially a really new player to the league has things so figured out and deep understanding of the whole game. I hope his approach rubs off on some his teammates excluding the drug use of course.

Craig said...

"Two hours more, I'd be in London..."

That got a chuckle out of me. I'm really enjoying the Xavier era. He seems to be providing the leadership and experience that the Galaxy sorely needed.

So how soon before he's wearing the captain armband?