Thursday, July 26, 2007

Galaxy reps

The Galaxy hosted an event today out at the HDC Stadium Club, some sort of press conference but not sure of the details. I wasn't able to make it because I'm going out for training on Friday and training was closed on Thursday. Of course, had David Beckham been out at the event today, I'd have dropped everything and went because my editors would have wanted me to.

Anyway, I didn't miss much. Not sure who Chivas brought to the event but the Galaxy's representatives were, well, a bit perplexing. Among the players the Galaxy made available was Lance Friesz. The biggest name player was Alan Gordon. No Landon. No Cobi. No Cannon.

I suppose Lance's take on meeting Beckham may have been mildly interesting but otherwise what does Lance have to offer about SuperLiga or anything pertaining to the club's upcoming games?

Oh well. Maybe they figured everyone's going out on Friday anyway. I'll be out there.

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