Monday, July 23, 2007

Frank talk

I decided to ask Galaxy coach Frank Yallop directly about the rumor that there was tension between Lalas and him, and that at some point the two weren't speaking.

Frank reacted immediately. "Who is that from? Who from the East Coast? That's garbage, by the way."

On the subject of retaining his job, Frank had this to say.

"There’s pressure any day to win games, but if the people above me see the team in the wrong direction, I’ll leave. But I think they see a team on the brink of being good. Yes, results matter, but building a good team is important, too. This league needs to have continuity and this league needs to have strength. In almost every game I’ve been in, we have entertained and we’ve been close in nearly every game. It’s not like we’re getting beaten four nothing in the league - except we had one bad game with Dallas. We’ve been in there and we’ve fought back. I don’t quit, I know that. They’ll have to drag me out. I feel that the team is behind me and they will give me everything they have."


Nathan said...

This actually makes me feel better, even though I wasn't a big believer in the "Yallop On The Chopping Block" stories. Why I don't know, given some of the moves made by The Mouth of the South(land).

But I do have to take an issue with one of Yallop's comments about "always being close".

I guess. Dallas game, sure. But how do you forget the utter crap displayed in the loss to Columbus, which was at home AND with the Gals up a man for 60 minutes!

There have been more clunkers than Frank is remembering.

Having said that, yes, the team is adjusting to itself better and could, maybe possibly, actually make a run for the playoffs.

Except that means actually winning on the road and since they don't actually score goals these days, I don't see that happening.

Anonymous said...

I love how you ask the questions we all we want to know about. Good job, Andrea.

Now, see if you can ask him or Lalas about these new rumors of Donovan being shopped around at the end of the season to Red Bulls or San Jose.

The thoughts of that make me sick.

briguy said...

Props to whoever took this picture; nice framing!

A.C. said...

Thanks, I was pretty proud of the pic.

Yallop wanted to know where the rumor started, and I was vague, saying, "East Coast" - that's when he said the line I put here.

However, I don't want to go chasing down every weird rumor out there. The ones that usually end up happening are the ones no one predicted.

Sturgis going to Salt Lake wasn't on any radar at all.