Monday, July 30, 2007

Landon at length

It’s important for us to play well right now. We felt good about the Pachuca game, but we want momentum going back into the league. In reality, that’s what we need to do well in.

I’m a forward. We weren’t keeping the ball. Regardless of where I’m playing, if I’m not getting the ball, it’s not going to matter. But when we did our job in terms of keeping the ball, then I got some joy. But ideally, I’d be in front of the goal.

We didn’t play well. But you can see that guys believe we have a chance, even though they were a lot better in the first half. We’re getting there.

Oh, yeah. If we can compete with good teams here, we can compete in MLS. We’ve got to do better regardless who we’re playing.

It’s not so important if we lose or win if we play well. This is my passion and I hope we always win.

They played well. It was a hard game for us.

They’re a good team. They know where they need to be and what to do on the field.

When three or four don’t play well, it’s hard. Everyone for Chivas played well.

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