Monday, July 23, 2007

LB rankings (July 23)

1. Houston (10-5-4). Streak's over, and so is league for now; champs look to SuperLiga.
2. FC Dallas (9-6-3). Dallas' secret no more: Juan Toja showed his skill in All-Star game
3. Chivas USA (7-5-3). Red-and-White is happy Seattle Sounders aren't in Western Conference.
4. Kansas City (7-5-5). Defensive issues cost Wizards points again.
5. New England (7-3-6). Three goals at home should always equal three points.
6. New York (8-6-3). So they can win without Juan Pablo Angel.
7. Columbus (6-5-7). Guille for MVP, hands down.
8. DC United (7-6-3). Will Veron became latest Argentine import? DC sure needs help.
9. Los Angeles (3-6-4). May move slightly due to others results, but Galaxy has to improve significantly by Aug. 5 if clubs wants a shot at playoffs.
10. Toronto FC (5-8-4). Learning what others around MLS have seen: Columbus is a pretty good team.
11. Colorado (4-8-6). Moral victory: Colorado doesn't look like hell and actually gains a point by doing so.
12. Chicago (4-8-4). Blanco debuts, Blanco scores; suddenly, there's hope in Chicago.
13. Real Salt Lake (1-8-6). Can't win an MLS game to save their lives but shut out an EPL team; go figure.


briguy said...

Oh my. I'm not quite sure where to begin with these rankings, Luis...

g-nerd said...

Just curious, which results moved up the galaxy in ur rankings?

L.B. said...

Toronto losing. Can't keep Toronto at 9 after losing 2-0. I don't think the Galaxy will move much higher than that, though, at least for now.

Jonathan Geissler said...

Actually, I agree for the most part, except for NE.

L.B. said...

Too high or too low?