Friday, July 27, 2007

Bruised egos?

Mediotiempo is coming down hard on the Mexican teams in the SuperLiga.

The little prince (Morelia Monarchs) says, "There's no doubt - the distance is definitely getting shorter."

That's likely a reference to how far ahead of MLS the Mexican league has always been considered to be in terms of talent, prestige and skill.

The eagle (Club America) responds, "Yes, each time we're getting closer to getting ridiculed."

In the background, the gopher (Pachuca) and the goat (this one shouldn't need explanation), look dazed.


Joel Aceves said...

Why would Chivas look dazed, the majority of the squad was the reserves.. not bad considering they played against the Defeding Champions eh.. .

Anyways, this comparisons are getting out of hand. Lets be honest, were this a home and away tourney none of the MLS results would be as positive as none of the clubs was able to win by more than two goals..

Not trying to to ruin this fum I for one am enjoying the tourney, but lets not turn this into something it is not..

Anonymous said...

defending champ????

Matt said...

dallas played chivas, not houston. dallas has never won a title, much less last year's.

Joel Aceves said...

Heh, I posted under the influence, check out the time i made the poswt, lol. At that moment, Dallas was Houston like saying tomato, tomatoe..

Anonymous said...

then i'll disregard all of your comments

Anonymous said...

Joel i understand you write for LASN. Now that AC and LB are gone from there i will never read it again. You opinions in my opinion stink. You are so not objective and that makes you a bad reporter.