Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Mediotiempo has much better SuperLiga coverage than MARCA in Spanish.

Of course, they should; their teams are playing.

Even if you can't read Spanish, enjoy their photo gallery.

If you can read Spanish, read my article, too.


George Inman (from VA) said...

I have noticed that you relish when Mexican teams lose, especially to American teams (whether it's MLS or national teams). It is very obvious and it seems that it goes beyond the fact that you're a big US soccer supporter. No siree, it goes deeper than that (I won't get psychological but I think you know what I mean). After all, your much more sympathetic to other teams, save Mexican ones.

George Inman

A.C. said...

Interesting that you take any relish, of any kind, out of this post.

I won't go into the psycholigical implications that could indicate about you, because frankly, I wouldn't be so presumptuous.

george inman (from va) said...

It's not about this one post. It's a trend but whatever, what do I's just an observation, that's all and I'll end it right there.

A.C. said...

People generally see what they want to see, not only in this post, but in other places or other trends.