Friday, July 27, 2007

Frank speak

I don't get it. Sometimes, I just don't get it. I mean, weren't we in the same predicament a week ago before the Chelsea game than we are today? Isn't David Beckham's ankle hurting today just as it hurt last week?

The way Frank Yallop talked today, you'd think Beckham was fine and dandy a week ago and now is suddenly gimpy.

I'll post the audio link to this later so you can decipher for yourself but here's some of what Yallop said regarding Beckham's injury and not playing him on Saturday, and some of the reasons I'm shaking my head as I listen to the audio.

On whether he thinks Beckham is frustrated by not being able to play:
"I would think he’s frustrated. What he realized when he played in the Chelsea game is he wasn’t ready to sort of get really going. He knows now to get fit and healthy to get really going and help the team."

On whether he's disappointed about Beckham not playing:
"It’s not disappointment. It’s being realistic. It would be great to have him from Day One but what you can’t do is force anything and make a player when he’s not ready because he won’t play well.

"We can’t send him out there if he’s not going to play well and if he’s hinged by an injury it’s going to be difficult for him. There’s no way we’re going to send him out when he’s not ready for us.

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