Tuesday, July 31, 2007

LD on Becks

(We didn't expect him to play) Not when we first saw his ankle. He hadn’t done anything with it and it was still this big. You can’t rush that. He knows how it feels. He wants to be out there more than anyone else wants him to be out there, but he’s smart about it. If it was up to him, he’d probably be out there. But we don’t want to hurt him so we’ll make sure he’s ready before he gets out there.

What he says he’s feeling, he feels. When he says he’s ready, he’ll go. You can put a time table on it, but it doesn’t matter, when it’s ready, it’s ready. He’ll know when it’s ready. I wouldn’t guess. I don’t know.


gnrd said...

All of this rush, media speculation, to get Bekcham to play reminds me of the kid who got his first stick shift car at 15 from his rich parents, and is still learning to drive it...It also reminds me of this classic internet cat =]


Anonymous said...

AC, this is the second post where the entire post is a quote (by LD). Could you pl include (gigantic) quotes at the beginning and the end of the post, so we know it's a quote in its entirety?


A.C. said...

It's not a quote in it's entirety. It's two different answers to questions - I've omitted the questions, but I can only put quotes over the whole thing if he said it all at once with nothing in between.