Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Nery to England?

Reports on both sides of the Atlantic are that Nery Castillo could be on the move from Olympiakos to Manchester City. A deal could be worth up to $19 million.

Castillo is playing in relative isolation in Greece, isolation from Mexico and this side of the world anyway. There's a far greater chance of a Man City match on television than an Olympiakos game, so in that sense alone Nery fans are probably happy for the move.

Castillo would be the second Mexican to ever play in the Premiership, following in the footsteps of Tri teammate Jared Borgetti.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully he has a better a experience than Borgetti.
This is his time and he will have to "grow up" playing in the EPL.

Jess Aguinaga said...

$19 million! Wow! good thing for Olympiakos Nery isn't American otherwise the the transfer fee wouldn't be anywhere remotely near $19m.

Matt L said...

Chelsea have been linked with him for ages. Also, the story goes Sir Alex discovered him and wanted to sign him to ManU but had to put him in the Greek league because of work visa issues.

Anonymous said...

Bad move Nery. Stick to your guns and play for Man United next year.

Man City is shite and so is the Svenster.

In fact, if I was Sir Alex I would cancel the whole Tevez mess and go for Nery who is just as good if not better.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, no. I prefer him in La Liga (even a mid-bottom to bottom tier team).