Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Boca, baby!

My favorite team from my childhood plays today versus Real Salt Lake. Boca Juniors of Argentina is in Utah for their preseason. I liked the preview from Clarin so much I decided to translate it here.

Miguel Russo leaves the hotel for a second to pose for a photo for Clarín. At that moment, water falls from the heavens. Rain. A flood. Just like that, from one moment to another.

"Rain, rain, we're no longer in the desert, ha, ha, ha," says the coach on the path of Little América. That's true. It's not Arizona. It's Utah, and in the city (Salt Lake) that today celebrates that in 1847, on this date, July 24, the pioneers who settled this place arrived on site. Most of them were Mormons. There have been parades since early this morning. The streets have been filled with floats. The final act of the festival includes Boca as a protagonist.

There's no mistake. Boca played Sunday in Phoenix, got here yesterday at noon and trained, will train yearly this morning, and in the evening, will take the field against the local team, Real Salt Lake, who defeated the English club Everton in a recent friendly, 2-0, but in MLS are in last place, with only 9 points gained from a possible 51.

Russo will make certain changes. Alvaro González, Morel, Urribarri, Leandro Díaz y Mondaini will play. The objective for the future is a triple one, with the obession being the World Club title.


Anonymous said...

I lost all respect for Boca after their tasteless display and riot they incited against Chivas de Guadalajara in the Libertadores.

I am not a Chivas supporter but that was about as classless and disgusting a showing from fans, coaches, players, as I have ever seen in Football.

They got away with just a slap on the wrist.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I agree. Boca is not even gracious in victory. Andrea complains all the time about the Mexicans and apparently fails to notice that Argentinians can take the word "dirty" to the next level...

Anonymous said...

No doubt, there are no words to describe what the Boca supporters and Boca players instigated against Chivas in La Bombonera.

Tasteless cheaters. The game was suspended with almost a whole half to go when they knew they were going to lose. Nothing like an oppossing coach and a few fans jumping over a fence & spitting on a player.

I refuse to ever watch them play again. My life will go on just fine never watching those sore losing cheats play a game ever again.

A.C. said...

I've never tried to justify Boca's actions off the field, or even some of the crap they've pulled on the field. I don't condone such things.

However, this club was the reason I fell in love with and followed soccer. They've played some incredibly attractive soccer for many years, and that's as valid as the trouble they've caused.

Appreciating one aspect doesn't mean I condone the other.