Friday, July 27, 2007

Galaxy's best

The Galaxy's best player, for the entire season up to this point, might have been Kyle Martino, who was once touted for great things back as a young rookie.

Both Kyle and Santino Quaranta showed up in LA saying the right things about the move to the Galaxy being a fresh start to fulfill their potential, but Kyle really got in gear and brought hard work consistently to both practice and games. I wrote a while ago about how he'd developed a new defensive bite to his game.

Now he's playing through a slight groin injury, trying to still contribute.

"It’s not terrible. I think I just strained it a little bit. Coming into the (Pachuca)game, we knew it wasn’t going to make the whole game. I was just trying to go as long as I could. It was feeling all right through the first fifteen – twenty minutes of the game. I went in for a slide tackle on the sideline and tweaked it a little bit. I think I got out before I did any bad damage. I’ll just sit it out a bit and let it recuperate and hopefully be ready for this weekend’s game."

"I had it before the Tigres game. It’s been nagging me this past week or so. Before the Tigres game it was pretty bad, then I got a few days off before the Chelsea game and it started to feel good. I made it most of the way through that game, and then, with this being so quick after the Chelsea game, we knew this wasn’t going to last. Unfortunately, it didn’t make it through to the second half."

"I think I’ve learned a thing or two about playing with injuries. This isn’t anything that’s going to set me back. Frank’s doing well to monitor it. The trainers are doing a good job. I didn’t do too much damage tonight. The next couple of days, if I take off, hopefully I can come back and get ready for Saturday."

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