Monday, July 23, 2007

MLSer in Mexico

Alain Nkong, formerly of Colorado, is trying to make it there. I wish a team in Mexico would pick up Fabrice Noel while they're at it.

Update: Nkong signs with Atlante.


L.B. said...

They're butchering his name, though. In one story, he's "Nkong;" in the next he's "Knong."

They also referred to John Guppy as John "Gorppy."

L.B. said...

"They" being the Mexican media.

Also, in that Knong story, well in both actually, the writer was named "Karina Xicotencatl." You'd think with a name like the she'd go out of her way make sure she doesn't misspell people's names.

Jesse Erdmann said...

Fabrice Noel is currently playing for the Puerto Rico Islanders, and doing well, in the USL D1.

A.C. said...

No offense to the Islanders, who are one of my favorite USL teams, but I still wish Fabrice could end up in Mexico, using his speed to his advantage and making bank for his family back in Haiti.

Jesse Erdmann said...

Gotcha, it was a relatively recent development and I wasn't sure how closely you followed USL so I thought you might not have heard. Obviously the standard is a bit higher both for play and for pay in Mexico than D1.