Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday pick

New York 2, Chivas USA 0


New York 1, Chivas USA 0


glyconerd said...

I love it when you guys are wrong, which is most of the time. yay!

Anonymous said...

2-0, Chivas. Ye of little faith.

glyconerd said...

Ok, I have a question..Since CUSA has had a better season., what's it going to take for L.A. journalist to set their eyes on them. I understand the Bekcham phenomena, but surely, points have to be taken into account at some point..Bueno, A.C. perhaps you guys can chime in on the reason why the goats remain largely ignored.

L.B. said...

14 goals allowed in previous road games has given me little faith in Chivas on the road, but they played tonight the way they do at home, which has been their biggest problem. They play erratically on the road but that wasn't the case tonight.

As far as the coverage goes, well, it's really a struggle sometimes to get soccer stories in the newspaper. So when you already have a tough time getting soccer stuff in the paper and then add to that the competition within Galaxy and Chivas coverage, it makes it doubly hard sometimes.

If Chivas wins the MLS Cup, they will sort of force everyone's hand in terms of coverage. I mean, how can you not cover the league champion? But they could also use a big name player; I know Ronaldo is a pipe dream but if they got him, that would draw lots of attention. Similarly, if they got a name Mexican player, like a Kikin Fonseca or Jared Borgetti, that would help as well.

A.C. said...

Bofo would have been a perfect addition to Chivas USA. I stopped by their office a week or so ago, and there was a cuttout of him up in the office, way over to one side. I noticed it first in my peripheral vision and dang, for half a sec I thought it was actually him, perhaps taking a meeting with Cue. That would have rocked.

Nope. Just cardboard.

It's not just the media who are slighting CDCUSA. Their attendance this season shows fans doing the same.