Friday, July 27, 2007

Blog biz

I'll be at the L.A. Coliseum tomorrow night for the Galaxy-Chivas match. I've been looking forward to this match for a while, not so much the venue. The game, I thought, would be interesting because the Galaxy has built up a rivalry with Chivas USA and now we get to see them take on the parent club in a meaningful match.

I also thought it would be good to see David Beckham play against Chivas, but now that seems unlikely to happen. The Galaxy will trot him out on a bum ankle to play in an overhyped game against Chelsea but probably won't risk the same ankle against Chivas especially because the Galaxy's only scheduled visit to FC Dallas is on Tuesday, and there's just standing-room only seats available for that match.

Becks arrived here on July 13 and in three games since has played 12 minutes. If he doesn't play on Saturday, Southern California's next chance of seeing him will be on Sept. 1 unless he doesn't get called into England's squad for England-Germany on Aug. 22, and provided his ankle is okay by then.

Anyway, I'll be out there and will do another running blog like I did on Tuesday. This time, though, you can plan for it as I'm letting everyone know with plenty of time. It wasn't as hectic as I thought on Tuesday and it kind of doubled as my game notes, so I'll do it again.

Also wanted to let readers know that it's going to be The A.C. Show for most of next week. With the break in the local calendar - no games to cover locally until Aug. 23 - I'm taking a little vacation. I'll be in Lake Powell, Arizona/Utah attempting to water ski for the first time. My wife's family goes there regularly and I've been with them several times but have yet to water ski. We'll be leaving early Sunday morning (so I'll get no sleep on Saturday night) and will be staying in Page, Ariz., far away from soccer... and internet connections, so I probably won't have much of a chance to blog. I may have withdrawals at some point.

Last time I went, I get on the internet using AOL's 800 number so I'll have some way of connecting so I might chime in here and there.


Anonymous said...

I am in Dallas. Man, if there is any way at all he could get in while here, that would be great - our only time to see him and we are fairly worried (people here are driving in from Ark/Ok/South Texas). Do not wish to deny 92k at the Coliseum - just hope it works out for us. Thanks for the update.

Stone Island said...

You will blog live from the stadium, or you'll post your running blog after the game? I suppose it doesn't matter, I'll be there too.

Good luck, Galaxy!

JuliusCesar said...

I just read that Zidane might be on his way to LA (not really) but an offer has been made to him ...again. That would be HUGE!!!!

Anonymous said...


Get a 3G card from Cingular, and if there is no 3G service, it will put you on the edge network, which will be plenty of speed for blogging...