Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Kinder, gentler Mourinho

I think some reporters were surprised to see Mourinho be quite gracious after Chelsea's close victory over the Galaxy.

This article says he's mellowing out.

He might be taking it a little too far. In LA, as he left the press conference dais, Mourinho was greeted by a reporter sitting next to me, apparently an aquaintance. I ducked my head slightly so they could shake hands.

I then turned around and saw SI soccer editor Jonah Freedman sitting behind me with a rather bemused expression.

"What happened?" I asked.

"Jose Mourinho just clapped me on the shoulder," said Jonah. "He shook that guy's hand, then he grabs my shoulder. I was too surprised to react. I've never even met the guy."

"Maybe he thought you were someone else," I speculated.

"I'm never going to wash this shirt again," Jonah joked.


Jess Aguinaga said...

Maybe because you guys aren't a-holes like British reporters.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Freedman and I are such opposites. I'd have had to set the shirt on fire, with me in it.

~not a Mourinho fan, don't care what he wins, how much of a dog lover he is, bla, bla, bla~