Monday, July 9, 2007

LB Rankings Nueve de Julio

Summer tournaments are all but over and most MLS teams have their full contingent at their disposal. Whether or not that disrupts the order of the rankings remains to be seen.

1. Houston (9-5-2). With wins over New York and D.C. over four days, Dynamo is clearly best team in league at this moment.
2. FC Dallas (9-6-2). Clamped down a decent Chivas side at home to surge to 29 points.
3. New York (7-5-3). Embarrasing 4-0 loss to Houston followed by resilient 1-0 win in Colorado.
4. D.C. United (7-5-2). Failed to build on a strong mid-week victory in K.C.
5. Kansas City (6-5-4). No wins in last six games but still keeping pace in the East.
6. Chivas USA (6-5-3). 1-0-1 against New England in eight-day stretch; loss to FC Dallas, though, was disappointing.
7. New England (6-3-5). No mid-week game and return home still did not translate into victory.
8. Columbus (5-4-7). Slowly emerging as an Eastern force.
9. Toronto FC (5-7-3). Remember when this team had scoring problems? This team, though, is different... literally.
10. Los Angeles (3-6-4). The best of a lousy bunch at the bottom.
11. Colorado (4-8-5). Fernando Clavijo needs to go.
12. Chicago (4-7-4). Osorio's the man, but whether he'll squeeze water from rocks remains to be seen.
13. Real Salt Lake (1-7-6). Memo to Jason Kreis: when Freddy gets back, let him pull the strings of nothing else for entertainment purposes.

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