Monday, July 9, 2007

Appearances are deceiving

I started to respond to a comment about the Wizard's media guide, but I can't put photos with comment replies, so I just made a new post.

The Wizards media guide was available to their local media before the first game of the MLS season. If I'd been feeling really industrious, I could have called them to mail me a copy. But generally, we wait until the team comes to our town, and they bring a bunch for us.

Spiral binding is actually the kind the press prefers. We're looking at stats and stuff, and with sb, it stays open to the page you pick, rather than having to hold it there or turn the guide face down.

You'll see in the pic what I mean. I had to hold the old media guide open while I took the picture, but the spiral one sits open.
The Wizards didn't go cheap with their new guide. There's an amazing amount of stat information there, and all the bio pictures are in color. That way, one can actually see that Kerry Zavagnin has nice blue eyes, for example.

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mosler said...

Very cool. Thanks for the exposition Andrea :-)