Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hold still

1) Hold camera still.
2) Ignore the drinks you've already had.

3) Wonder if you hit anyone important while flailing around dancing.

4) Wonder if you've said anything embarrasing to anyone important.

5) Hold camera still.

I think I failed miserably at 1 and 5, so this is the only half-decent image left of the All-Star party the Rapids hosted at a club in downtown Denver.

The Rapids logo was projected on the outside of the building and highlight videos of their season ran on a loop on TV's inside.

Herculez Gomez was there, with his cute girlfriend. I said hello to Ugo Ihemelu, too, who I think was there with multiple girlfriends. Niko Hernandez was dancing a lot, or at least standing on the floor a lot. Chris Albright was there chatting with people. Joe Ngwenya stopped by to say hello - I congratulated him on his play with Houston. Diego Gutierrez and his wife definitely looked like they were having fun busting a move on the dance floor.

Grant Wahl and I decided to go ahead and be silly and dance a lot. It was a fun party and still going pretty strong when we stumbled out.


Anonymous said...

Cool. And I'll confirm that you failed at 1 and 5. Still, let's just call it art. ;)

A.C. said...

Yeah, that's my explanation for the dancing, too - art!