Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Not-so-Scoreless sensation

Who says scoreless games are boring? This one is a thriller, with absolutely everything but a goal.

Tino is in for Findley

PK for the Galaxy!

Donovan started off the attack and he takes the PK now. Makes!

Donovan in the middle pushed ball out to Tino, then got the ball back in the area, little turn dribble, then laid the ball off to Pete Vagenas making a run up the middle. Parke tackled Vagenas for the foul.

Red bulls attacking like crazy now.

Galaxy counter find Vagenas slipping through a sweet pass to Kyle Martino, who goes in alone against Conway. He makes a hash of it, though, unable to get a shot off as Conway picks the ball off his feet.

Back to all Red Bulls now, though the LA fans are vocal in cheering their boys on to hang tough. A reported 10,774 here. At least no one can say it didn't look like that many on TV.

Martino scores! He makes up for his earlier gaffe, finishing off a Quaranta cross that bounces on the underside of the crossbar.

Donovan had a hand in setting up that attack as well, and while the defense concentrated on him, Martino snuck up the middle.

Before the Galaxy scored, late in regulation, the Galaxy fans were chanting, "Win it for Cobi!" Guess the guys were listening.

Albright is subbed off, as the Galaxy make their final sub, sending in Ian Russell. Donovan straps on the armband.

As the Galaxy switch sides for the second half of overtime, Cronin gets a standing ovation from the fans, who are chanting his name.

Dangerous FK for Red Bulls. JPA smacks it straight into goal. Yikes.

Martino is again the goat, missing an open shot from a Donovan breakaway.

Then the Red Bulls get a corner, where Cronin stops a Stammler header and then blocks JPA from point-blank range. Insane.

The fans are quieter now, biting their nails, I'd guess, as the Red Bulls keep attacking hard.

Angel just missed a header. Yikes. He was in alone on goal in that one, and glances it wide.

Donovan to Quaranta on a counter! 3-1 Galaxy!

Final whistle! Jazic collapses on the field dramatically. Yeah, I bet he's tired. Nice, nice game from the Galaxy, despite some bad misses.

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Dave said...

Thanks Andrea for taking up the slack when Luis had to file his stories. You two are a great team. Like the Galaxy!!