Monday, May 7, 2007

Monday rankings (May 7)

It's still early but I don't know how much longer teams can say that. Five games is one-sixth of the season, so I think that early line won't fly next week.

Anyway, it's best to be toward the top of this list than towards the bottom.

1. Kansas City. Yes, Jose Burciaga, I too wonder why you aren't a fixture on the USMNT.
2. New York. Can't justify moving them into top spot after blowing a two-goal lead in final few minutes against RSL.
3. New England. Made up for Thursday's draw with dismantling of Chicago.
4. Chicago. So much for momentum going into second half.
5. Galaxy. Tough five-day stretch awaits Landon and Co.
6. Columbus. Schelotto makes debut in otherwise forgettable match.
7. Houston. Is the hangover finally over?
8. Colorado. Unacceptable loss, especially after jumping out early.
9. FC Dallas. For once, FC Dallas wasn't on national television.
10. D.C. United. Two penalty kicks worth four points.
11. Chivas USA. Guevara gone, but was he ever really here?
12. Real Salt Lake. Two late goals against New York and they fall down one spot? Life is cruel. That, and only bad teams fire coaches one month in.
13. Toronto FC. Horrendous start compounded by release of player salaries. $105K for Marco Reda?!? Really?!?


Anonymous said...

And why did Mo release Ritchie K? He sure could use him now, and he made about $25K less than Reda.

A.C. said...

Has Mo released a Canadian? Considering the fact that his team has yet to score a goal, he may be afraid to upset the natives.

Anonymous said...

Richard Asante left the team (from the senior roster) but it sounded like a player request. Same for AJ Gray (youth intnl) from the developmental team. Mo replaced his backup goalkeeper on the developmental roster (something like Chesnecki) - that may be the only Canadian Mo actually sent packing

Anonymous said...

Marco Reda might be getting 105K, but I think it's a crime that Andy Welsh is getting paid close to $200K, that's more than De Rosario in Houston.