Monday, May 7, 2007

Gutsy move

It took Preki four games to dump a big offseason acquisition, but it took Jason Kreis only one.

Kreis has apparently released Panamanian forward Luis Tejada sometime after Saturday's 3-3 tie with New York. Thanks to our friends with AYL Soccer for that scoop.

I was wondering about Tejada a few weeks ago. His signing was supposed to have been a good one as he was supposed to have formed a good partnership with Jeff Cunningham up front. At least Amado Guevara played his way off of Preki's team. Not sure if Tejada even deserved playing time.

You feel for these guys personally because they essentially got fired, and nobody likes to get fired. But it's the nature of the business. Produce and you're in; don't, and you may be on your way out. It also shows the pressure these teams are under. These teams have to win. RSL has to get in the playoffs. Chivas USA has to do the same. Having high-priced, low-output players around is not helping anybody.

Now, I don't have any inside scoop on this but I predict that another Chivas USA offseason acquisition will soon be gone. Preki was not very high on Jorge Barrera the last time somebody asked him about Barrera, which was last week. He's apparently healthy as Barrera accompanied the team to D.C. Even with a gaping hole in midfield with the absence of Sacha Kljestan, Preki started and played newcomer Paulo Nagamura the entire match instead of playing Barrera. Worse, the club's need is and has been a right-sided player. Barrera is a right-sided player. He's also taking up a senior international spot, and why would you spend such a valuable spot on a player who can't get any playing time. Trust me, if Preki was not afraid to pop a cap in Amado, he's not afraid to send Jorge Barrera back to Mexico.


J.S. said...

Who's Jorge Barera? Seriously, Preki can dump all the players he wants, but he still has to win games. DC United was due for a win, but CUSA should have scored at least 3 more goals. Where's the defense? and where's the finishing?
I think Preki better watch his back, too!

Anonymous said...

I hear we've had other personnel changes...Kyle Brown added to the senior roster...and the new French player?