Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Last night I prophesied to. . .

Luis, who was excited that he'd shot video of Juan Pablo Angel's first official goal for Red Bull New York.

Technically, I guess it was early this morning, by the time we left the pressbox, but in any case, Luis was wondering if any fans, Aston Villa ones in particular, from abroad might check out the clip to see JPA in action.

"The thing is, a lot of those types of fans, as soon as they see the goal, they're going to go on about how awful the goalkeeper is, and how easy it is to score goals in MLS, despite the fact that Cronin was actually having an incredible game," I said.

Sure enough, if you scroll down to Luis' YouTube link of the goal, someone in the comments is already on about "the pensioners' league".

I'm not encouraging anyone to protest via comments of their own. That's pointless. Just as much as such folk are so predictable.

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