Thursday, May 17, 2007

Former Galacticos

At one point or another, in some capacity or another, this trio defended the Green-and-Gold of the Galaxy. Now, they are all property of Chivas USA.

Galaxy coach Frank Yallop said he would have liked to have kept many of the players he traded away but said the reality of the profession calls for player movement.

Also, regarding the Shavar Thomas deal. It really caught most people by surprise when he was traded from the Galaxy to Chivas USA. I broke the news to Andrea and I don't think she believed me at first. I only believed it because I saw him in Chivas training gear with my own eyes.

Still, the reasons behind the move were speculated in the media and some even ran with it a bit, perhaps prematurely.

"So what happened? Word out of the Galaxy camp is that Thomas wasn't totally fit and seemed to lack initiative when it came to claiming that starter's spot."

Thomas was not match fit; Preki told me as much a week ago. Playing exactly zero games can have that effect. But it wasn't until earlier this week that the truth behind the deal was revealed, as the Galaxy signed Abel Xavier.

"Now you know why we had to clear that spot out."

That sounds more like clearing a much-needed spot out rather than clearing a player who lacks initiative off your roster.


jamesey said...

Shavar Thomas couldn't crack a starting spot with young Ty Harden and old Ty Marshall. He just isn't that good.

L.B. said...

That may very well be true, but questioning someone's lack of skill versus their lack of intensity is quite different. I think that showed poor judgment on that writer.