Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Da' Nile ain't just a river. . .

I've gone through this before with MLS teams. A deal is done, but in fact, it's not done until the league confirms all the paperwork or Don Garber is informed, or the Grand Council of MLS Poobahs drips blood-red sealing wax on the contract.

Actually, I'm not sure what they do in the interim time before they themselves announce the move is in fact made, but until that time, good luck getting any officials to admit much.

Anyone remember the Galaxy press people telling me Josh Gardner hadn't been waived - then the next day releasing the news that he had, in fact, been released?

It's a formality, I guess, and most of the teams follow the protocol, even if it puts them in an awkward position at times.

Sometimes teams go with the time honored, "No comment". Other times, on the rationale, I suppose, that until a deal is completely finalized, it hasn't actually happened, they deny, deny, deny.

Yet it's ironic that there are reports that Toronto is denying the Guevara trade. Some time back, Mo Johnston declared on-air via some sports show that Nate Jaqua had been traded to LA. The Galaxy were left to deflect confirmation until the trade went through the final wringer.

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