Sunday, May 20, 2007

Classic build-up

Billy Witz has a pretty good Daily News article, though I'd point out that while Chivas USA has the lowest payroll this season, it was only a year ago that the reverse was true.

Yes, in 2006, with Palencia and Juan Pablo Garcia on the payroll, Chivas USA spent more than any other MLS team on their players, so it seems a little disingenous that only a few months later, Chivas USA owner Antonio Cue is pointing fingers at the Galaxy for being big spenders, and acting like he never paid well for big stars himself.

It actually has me worried for Chivas USA that the payroll has dropped so far. I wonder if it indicates dissatisfaction from Jorge Vergara for this project. The showman has been strangely absent and hands-off from the squad in quite a while, and if money talks, the Chivas USA payroll might be saying, "I don't give a goat's ass anymore".

It doesn't help that attendance seems to keep dropping.

Also, the incident Witz mentions, with Donovan, as Luis points out, never took place at Azteca Stadium.

Not, of course that Chivas fans are going to feel better about it being Jalisco.

More takes on the match, from Luis and Greg Daurio.

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Steven said...

Rather than play the role of low-priced martyrs, Chivas fans should be asking why the club isn't paying out more in salaries.