Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Who's your MVP?

I thought Guillermo Barros Schelotto was horribly overlooked for the All-Star Game.

Still, it seemed that GBS was going to get a nice consolation prize from many writers - the league MVP title. But Landon Donovan is making a play for consideration.

It's not coincidental, either. He's quite deliberate about it. He mentioned that the title was a goal of his before the year started.

Here's what LD had to say about chasing down GBS for the MVP.

"Is he the front-runner? I don’t know. You guys [reporters] determine that stuff. Whatever. I’m going to do my part. I want to make it clear that I can be the MVP. I have five more games to do that. Obviously, making the playoffs will help that a lot. I’m going to keep going. I know it’s other people’s decision. If I keep playing the way I’m doing, in my mind, I am."

What about our readers? Who would be your MVP pick and why?


Blim said...

If Donovan can somehow lead the Galaxy into the playoffs I think he deserves the MVP but otherwise it's all GBS.

Dan Haug said...

The way these kind of awards work, if two guys are close (like LD and GBS), it's always gonna go to the guy on the team that makes the playoffs.

So like blim said... the only way that LD gets it is if the Gals make the playoffs.

Yeah... watch him score three goal/ game from hear on out, and they still don't make it :p

Karma said...

I'm with Ridge Mahoney....Landon is MVP.

But like he and others here have said, he'll only win it if the Galaxy gets into the playoffs. Which is too bad...being punished for a horrific front office.

Jon said...
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Jon said...

There are a few schools of thought when it comes to MVP selections:

Best player on the best team -- right now, this is Schelotto.

Best player regardless of team -- this one is probably a tossup, as they play different roles on their respective teams, and both are extremely good at what they do. Schelotto has perhaps been more consistent over the course of the year, but with this school of thought, should you really punish someone for a being on a bad team and being part of the USMNT?

Most valuable to his team (aka player whose team would suck the most without him) -- definitely Donovan

Not only is he great, but he makes others great -- this one is a little closer, but I'd probably have to go with Schelotto here.

The common thread with all these schools of thought, however, is that most voters won't vote for a player whose team misses the playoffs. So as others have said, Donovan won't win if LA misses the cut. If they do make it, though, then it depends on which school of thought you subscribe to for MVP.

Phillip Quinn said...

It's Schelotto, and it's not even close.

ren said...

The super Shalrie! For sure my MVP.

Though, if picking between Schelotto and Donovan I would go with Schelotto.

But would New England look much different from DC right now if Shalrie weren't on the team?

CACuzcatlan said...

I'd go with Schelotto. He is on the verge of breaking the leagues assist record, which currently stands at 20.