Thursday, September 11, 2008

Blanco bids farewell

The U.S. beating TnT was basically expected, so the big news to come out of the latest round of qualifying games was by far Cuauhtemoc Blanco's retirement announcement.

He'll close things out at Azteca, but it looks like that's going to be it for seeing the bunny hop performed by the man himself during international play.

I have to say, since he'd been playing well lately, I didn't expect that move. Yet there's something to be said for going out when they'll still miss you rather than ignoring any expiration date and sticking around to get really stinky instead.


Anonymous said...

A bit of a surprise, but better to go out with a limp than out on a stretcher. International competition, travel, the Fire, and allowing the young seedlings to sprout all added up. Nice gestures by Sven, Marquez, and el Tri for all he's done over the years. Love him or hate him, like Frankie Baby, he sure did it his way. Adios mi amigo.

xoxoxo Bofo's Sister

Anonymous said...

apparently, temoc is pissed off because he's not starting, or even getting considerable minutes with el tri, thus his decision. he's well past the form required to be on a national team... he was still getting called up due to pressure from televisa and other groups in mexico.

good-bye to a great, yes, but it's really about time.

Anonymous said...

Really? Where did you hear this from? Sources?