Sunday, September 7, 2008

Cuba - a look back

Faitelson: In the end, it was a historic night here in Havana. The United States defeated Cuba 1-0, an expected victory, but Cuba demonstrated that they have advanced, that they can fight and keep a game close. In the end, they nearly earned a draw.

Frankie says his thing.

Alain Cervantes: I think we had a good attitude. We didn’t play so well in the first period. In that half, we were pushed back. The game ended 1-0, but I think we played well. The U.S. is a good team and a good rival. There wasn’t more we could do. They’re first in CONCACAF. They were able to dominate the first period. We had more of the play in the second half, but in soccer, it’s the result that counts.

Leonel Duarte: We’re improving. We’re becoming a force in the Caribbean. Things are changing – it’s the first time we’ve had this stadium full of people. That encouraged us so much, to have the support of fans. It’s not just that our soccer is growing, it’s that the understanding of the fans is rising, too. There’s still a long way to go, but with hard work and heart, and with the advice of good coaching to raise our tactics, we’re going to have results.

Faitelson: The U.S. has six points from two games and now returns home to face Trinidad and Tobago. Cuba has no points from their two games, and their dream of the World Cup is fading.


Anonymous said...

love faitelson's reporting... very few in the business that can do what he does (as well as he does).


Anonymous said...

It's always good to win, but I'm starting to wonder if Bradley Sr. is running out of gas as the head coach. Personally, I'd love to see a non-US based coach for a change.