Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Marta, Marta, Marta

Marta the magician is coming to Los Angeles.

It makes simple sense to me. Brazilians like LA. A bunch of them live near Venice Beach, well, pretty much any of the beach communities have a Brazilian cafe, club or restaurant where they like to congregate.

There's so many of them around, that it might be hard for Marta to learn English - she won't need to use it in her off hours if she lives in one of the communities where a lot of them gather. One Brazilian player told me once that in LA, he speaks more Spanish than English.

Marta speaks Swedish from her years of playing there, but I'm not sure she'll get to practice that as much.


BD said...

They've drafted her. Now comes the tough part.

Rudy said...

How likely is it that any of the international players selected will sign in the States?

RHYbread said...

Any word on how the wage structures and salary cap are going to be (or be decided on)?

Ben7 said...

have you've heard anything about WPS LA's team logo, naem & colors ?

Would be cool to have MLS/WPS double headers from time to time.

ghostwriter said...

They are sort of at an early "Field of Dreams" stage. Building progresses, but it remains to be seen if they will they come. On the bright side of things, if the salary was decent, and given the potential off field earnings, would you rather play in Sweden or LA?

It's my understanding though, that under FIFA regs, their current leagues or clubs for those like Marta have a big say in this process. Those folks may be reluctant to part with their stars, eh? Perhaps that's why she only went 3rd and to a very big market team like LA.

Still, she may very well prove to be the bellwether for many. It would be sweet to see her in this new league. (Personnally, seeing as how my closest squad will likely be DC, I was very pleased to see DaVanna, of Aussie WC fame, drafted there.)

PS Re MLS/WPS double headers, the way they've have been playing, if Marta does end up with the LA WPS team, Galaxy might have trouble heads up v. their counterparts ;-)

FC Uptown said...

Offtopic - the report on MLS diversity is out.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Marta is coming to LA.