Saturday, September 20, 2008

The aftermath: Soehn

Tom Soehn wasn't one to hold back his thoughts after the DC's 5-2 loss at the Galaxy. He said the match officials had a rough night before calling the red card against Marc Burch a "travesty."

I gotta take a bit of credit for the last comment.

At the post game presser, Soehn answered a question about the defense and another about the Galaxy. He was about to step away as no one else had their hand raised for a question so I threw my hand in the air and asked him about the red card.

He didn't tear into the officiating crew but he was obviously none too pleased with the call.

Listen to the entire presser here.


Karma said...

Eh, it was a "travesty" when Gallardo didn't see red for striking LD in the nose in the first go-around in DC. Instead, Gallardo gets to stay on the field and score a goal and set up a 2nd goal so United can win 4-1. What goes around comes around. It all evens out.

Anonymous said...

Soehn better start thinking about how he and DCU can come out Honduras not looking like a bunch of suckers. This team may not make the play offs and stands a real chance of being laugh out of the group stage of Concacaf Champions League.

Anonymous said...

actually, the entire mls has a great chance of looking like a bunch of suckers at the champions... at least the dynamo took superliga this year...