Saturday, September 20, 2008

The aftermath: Burch

Marc Burch wasn't as down as I expected him to be after the match. He was talking as if he'd just suffered a tough loss - a usual tough loss in which his team lost due to a mistake or three or a lack of effort.

Saturday's loss was an unusual tough loss because of a horrid red card that Burch was unfortunate to have received.

Here's the audio of what Burch had to say after the whole thing went down.

Perhaps since he had some time to think about things, he may have not been as depressed as you would expect. Or maybe he was so infuriated he needed the time to calm down and collect his thoughts.

Whatever the case, he won't play in DC's next league match. Through no fault of his own, of course.


Anonymous said...

You know, we're not accustomed to seeing that called in MLS because of the poor standard of offiating, but in all honesty a defender kicking an opossing player hard in the back of the leg while the ball is already out of bounds is a legitimate red card. It's very similar to the red card that Goldthrate (sp) received for the Redbulls on Thursday night in Columbus.

It was not as soft a red card as it appeared live at the stadium.


Anonymous said...

i'm not sure the red card was horrid. the ball was already out he kicked him and pushed him so when the red came out i was not surprised at all.

Anonymous said...

becks looks pretty average among these mls players... pretty say to see him resorting to dives, begging the refs for red cards... that was only a red card because mr. millionaire/marketing strategy is the one who was kicked... the refes in mls will continue to be the story. just awful, pretty pub league

Nathanhj said...

Totally disagree with the resentful Becks-hater in the 3rd comment, but I suppose I just shouldn't feed the trolls.

I agree with the first comment. That play was almost identical to Goldthwaite's card and really had nothing to do with Becks' status within the league.

My real question is on the 5th goal, which really seemed like offsides to me.

Diane said...

If anyone was able to hear Burch's comments, can you summarize for me? I couldn't play them for some reason.

In A.C.'s column on the match, she says that Beckham almost got another yellow arguing against the red card, which he thought was unwarranted. I wondered if Busch mentions that.

anon #2, you might find a.c.'s column interesting anyway. I'm not saying there isn't partiality in refereeing regarding big name players (Michael Jordan would have spent the latter portion of his career on the bench if not). But it can go the other way also -- put them in their place -- which I've seen in this and every other football league I follow as well.

A.C. said...

Among a couple of other things, Burch says that Beckham did stick up for him and tell the referee that it wasn't a red card foul.

United Fan said...

That red card was bull. It sure pays to be David Beckham. He is such a fucking schmuck, and is overrated.
It was at least a yellow, but MLS favorites Galaxy.

Luis your a Fagot, All galxy fans are stupid asholes

DC United is the best.

Diane said...

Watch your mouth, united fan.


Joe said...

United Fan, at least spell your insult correctly! But hey, what can we expect right?

My feeling on the red is this: the ball's nearly out, Beckham is on the sideline and you still hack at the ball? It's a yellow for the foul and becomes a red for the sheer stupidity of the play. What was Beckham going to do? It was an obvious chance to kick him and that's exactly what Burch did. Referee's watching the play, the linesman is right there. Take your medicine Burch. Stupid play deserving of a red.