Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Galaxy are #1

In terms of their old color, green.

It's also interesting to see how the other MLS teams stack up.


Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea - I'm the pain the ass who complained when you trashed Toronto's turf yet neglected to mention the worse turf in NE, Salt Lake and NY. Your reasoning at the time was that the 3 US clubs were planning to build new stadia with grass while Toronto wasn't. I'm not sure if the revs are planning a new grass stadium but the new parks in Salt Lake and NY should be gems.

You'll be pleased to know that after a few rumours it looks like we have an excellent chance of getting grass for NEXT SEASON.

First we heard Mo Johnston talking to a local radio station (FAN590) about using the Mo Edu transfer money to install grass. Then Larry Tannenbaum (MLSE majordomo) told the same radio station that the players didn't like turf (a first!) and were exploring a grass solution, but that it required buy in from City council who own the land and BMO. Then Carver mentions grass in a post game interview. So far just MLSE employees talking about it, and we all knew that it was really up to the city to agree.

Now we have David Miller, Toronto mayor, the man most responsible for getting BMO built, say that grass is a real possibility for next season. No guarantees, but it was definitely in the works. Finally it looks like the political hurdle may not be in the way any more.

So far the Globe & Mail, Sportsnet and the Toronto Star have picked up the story, but no media south of the border. Here's your chance to scoop Ives, Luis, and Goff and please some of your regular Canadian readers in one fell swoop.

Here's the G&M link to get you started.

A.C. said...

Well, it's not much of a scoop if the G and M has it, but I appreciate you passing the info along. It makes me happy, because I think this is the way it should have been all along, making TFC the jewel team in Canada and making players, like the national team players, happy to be there.
It also ties in a little to this post - since TF is valued next in line to the Galaxy, they should be able to afford the improvement.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

So the Galaxy is the most valuable franchise in MLS? Valuable for what, exactly?

Zathras said...

valuable for the only thing that ultimately matters: making money.