Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Picture this

(I found a Memo pic, too!)
I got a call from an editor yesterday regarding my Mexico column. They were trying to figure out which player was available for the match in order to run a picture with the story. It took a while but they found one.

At first, they asked about Giovani Dos Santos. No, I told them, he wasn't included. Then they asked if Carlos Vela was around. No again. I told them if they could find one of Guillermo Ochoa, that was their best bet. Ochoa played for the U-23s when they were here earlier this year so there may have been some shots of him from those games.

Not sure who else could have been there. Francisco Fonseca may have had some older shots floating around somewhere. Zinha has played in some games here but he's not exactly a prominent player.

I suppose that speaks to the level of this roster. It's many players who could add depth, few players who have played in qualifying this year. As one commenter noted on my post from yesterday, it's refreshing to see these kinds of players called up and given an opportunity to show what they can do. There isn't much to lose if the players don't do well and Mexico loses.

There is a lot to lose, though, if you drop 50 bucks on the game and watch some relative unknowns lay an egg against Chile. But I suppose that's on you, and if the youngsters do well and score a goal or three, perhaps then it will be worth it.

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