Friday, September 12, 2008

Blanco tribute

I spent quite a bit of time last night, searching the web for relevant information on Cuauhtemoc Blanco. I fell asleep mid-story and woke up early this morning to finish it, early as in before 5.

So read it!

It's a bit of a tribute to Cuauhtemoc Blanco for

The best part of the story I think is the links to various video clips. I was actually able to find quite a bit of them - the goal against Brazil in the 99 Confederations Cup, the goals against Jamaica in a 2001 qualifier, the goal against Honduras in a 2001 qualifier, goals against Belgium and Croatia in the World Cup. Lots of moments that Blanco fans surely remember.

Blanco will always be Public Enemy No. 1 to many American soccer fans, though Oswaldo Sanchez and Rafael Marquez probably rank right up there with Mexican players American soccer fans love to hate. But a portion of American soccer fans are witnessing first hand just how talented and special a player Blanco is and can be. And some of them - notably Fire fans, are probably thrilled he called it quits. More games for the Fire and less for El Tri is a good thing.


Agent 009 said...

I'd say there are plenty of non-Mexican fans who prefer jeers to cheers when it comes to Blanco.

Anonymous said...

plenty of mexicans who would also jeer... blanco's a club america icon, and that's easily one of mexico's most hated teams... sort of like the new york yankees in mlb.

nice write-up, though, luis.

saludos, d

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the memories Cuah! Come back to America!I thought you hated Blanco Mr. Bueno. Or maybe that was love to hate him.