Saturday, September 13, 2008

DC/FC Dallas

RFK stadium and the flag-waving Barra Brava versus the Hoops.


1 - Sully thinks DC's high pressure to deny service will be key to the game.
3 - Quavas Kirk with a shot after DC had a nice run of play. It's Q's first start this season.
5 - Andre Rocha is down and now on the sideline with an injury.
9 - DC United is pinging the ball around well, but the last pass to set up a golden goalscoring opportunity is prevented by FC Dallas' persistent chasing.
10 - GOAL! Coooooop! McTavish bloops a clearance, missing the ball, which falls in the box to King Kenny, who eludes his defender just enough to fire a scorcher of a shot. 1-0 Dallas.
11 - DC had the early run of play - the goal came very much against that, on a DC mistake. We'll see how DC United regroups.
16 - Well, the response is pretty intensive pressure on the FC Dallas goal. DC hasn't really pulled the trigger yet, though, as Dallas scrambles in defense.
17 - Beautiful chip pass from Moreno to Santino, who can't quite put the shot away past a rushing Dario Sala.
20 - Cunningham with a nice move and shot, but Crayton just gets a hand to it.
21 - Moreno knockdown pass to 'Tino - shot over the bar.
23 - Marcelo Saragosa doesn't get ball, but gets plenty of Moreno, who goes sprawling and clutches his shoulder. No call.
27 - GOAL! Moreno! This time he gets service from Khumalo, a square cross that Moreno buries with a precise header. 1-1.
31 - Mctavish, the last man, stands up Jeffy C.
36 - As DC sets up for a corner kick, Adrian Serioux comes out for Micheal Dello-Russo. Apparently Serioux is injured.
37 - Short corner leads to a cross that gets cut off and cleared.
43 - Cooper not super - goes near post and gets bumped as he fires, sending the shot wide.
Halftime - Well, Moreno was rewarded for his good play with a goal, but with their early goal, FC Dallas is still lurking. Another counter attack goal could put the pressure on DC again. Still, United are playing well and their fans are loudly helping them keep focused on the final result.
83 - Connection problems! Anyway, the game is still tied, but both teams scored another goal.
84 - ooooh, Luciano Emilio just barely sent a header wide.


starinyourfire said...

this seems like quite the game.

Anonymous said...




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