Sunday, September 7, 2008

Flipping out

So Fabian Espindola hurt himself on a backflip celebrating what he thought was a goal. Then Bryan Jordan scored a minute later - and guess what he did?

If you thought backflip, you'd be wrong. He did a front flip. Check out both on the video.

Since I've been watching gymnastics in the Olympics recently, I'm going to carp on Espindola's landing. He straightened the leg too much, creating more impact on the landing than his foot could take.

"I didn't do anything different," he told me in the locker room. "That's the way I've always celebrated."

Meanwhile, BJ didn't land his front flip perfectly, either, but his legs were bent enough to cushion the landing a bit more. He had no regrets about risking injury on his front flip.

"I wanted to make sure I celebrated. It's been my thing since college. I feel confident doing it."

For Will Johnson, a simple fist pump sufficed to celebrate his score. I don't even remember Buddle's celebration. Yura Movsisyan ran over to acknowledge family and friends who came to the game, I think.

Granted, getting hurt celebrating is not good. "I remember (NFL's) Martin Grammatica hurting himself," said Kyle Beckerman.

But I also agree with Kreis when he said, "We're entertainers. That's what we're here for."

I like flips and other impressive goal celebrations. They don't have to be acrobatic. Clint Dempsey used to have great goal celebrations in MLS and he never flipped around. He was creative, though.

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