Monday, September 15, 2008

Sangre americana J8 update

Our young Mexican-Americans were in action over the weekend in Mexico. Okay, well, closer to the truth... their teams were in action. But we didn't get to see Jesus Padilla, Daniel Hernandez or Michael Orozco play. And as far as I can tell Sonny Guadarrama isn't with Morelia much, and if he is still around he isn't dressing for matches anymore.

Here's the rundown of the Americans south of the border.

Primera Division

Edgar Castillo: Played final 28 minutes in Santos' 1-1 draw with Necaxa.
Daniel Hernandez: Did not play in Jaguares' 2-1 win over Indios.
Marco Antonio Vidal: Played final 37 minutes in Indios' 2-1 loss to Jaguares.
Michael Orozco: Did not play in San Luis' 2-1 loss to America.
Jose Francisco Torres: Started and played 75 minutes in Pachuca's 5-2 win over Chivas.
Jesus Padilla: Did not play in Chivas' 5-2 loss to Pachuca.

Primera Division A
Sammy Ochoa: Played 90 minutes and scored a goal in Tecos' 3-1 win over Real Colima.
Miguel Gonzalez: Played 90 minutes in Chetumal's 0-0 draw with Atletico Mexiquense.
Noel Castillo: Played final seven minutes in Indios Chihuahua's 3-1 loss to Queretaro.
Carlos Borja: Tapatio had a bye week.


Todd said...

What is the deal with Orozco? Is this just falling behind in the depth chart? Or is this falling behind the depth chart because of Olympic and National Team Duty?

L.B. said...

Not sure. If I had to guess, it's because San Luis ain't broke, so (coach) Raul Arias don't need to fix it. They lost to America so maybe that will spur Arias to put him back in. But if San Luis is letting him languish because he chose the US and the Olympics, hopefully that prompts him to move to another club or (better yet) back home, to MLS.

Anonymous said...

Re: Guadarrama. He's still in Morelia - and scored a goal in a friendly v Tecos last week.

Beto said...

San Luis probably gave up that win to their papi, America

drew_brown said...

thanks for the updates. This is a must-read for me each week.

Richard said...

"Better yet"? Seriously, Luis? I just don't think it would be better for Orozco to move to a league that's still inferior to Mexico and whose style of play would cause his skills to erode. Moving on from San Luis is all good if he can't get minutes, but I hope he moves to another Mexican D1 club if that happens, not MLS.

Also, how many more Edgar Castillos do we have to lose to El Tri before Bob Bradley pulls his head out and gives a guy like Torres (Pachuca) a call-up? If he doesn't want to play for the gringos, that's his call, but last I knew of, he said he'd definitely consider doing so. We need these quick, skillful Latino players for our national team -- the suburban brats we always get stuck with just aren't getting the job done, especially on offense.

Thanks for the updates, BTW! Awesome work and I hope you'll keep them coming.

Bryan said...

i agree about calling up Torres. dude deserves a shot...but Bradley likes to call up the likes of EJ over people like Davies, Cooper, Alitdore, Adu, and Torres.