Monday, September 8, 2008

Lake Balaton Rankings (Sept. 8)

Five points if you can guess what country Lake Balaton is in?

For the record, I'd have scored a zero.

Anyway, here are the rankings. One team is on a surge and has shot up, up, up the rankings. They're not in a playoff position yet but I'd take them to beat all the teams from 6-14 without question, at least at home.

1. Columbus (13-6-4). Impressive takedown of Revolution, even if Revs are struggling.
2. Houston (10-5-8). Kei Kamara might be this year's Joseph Ngwenya, struggling forward who comes in, finds his way and helps club in playoffs.
3. Chicago (11-7-5). No Blanco, no problem as Fire dispatch former coach with a shutout win.
4. New England (11-7-5). Went from Supporters Shield favorites to a third-place spot in East in no time.
5. San Jose (7-9-7). 4-0-1 in last five games, more than two months without a loss... still can't believe all this is from expansion team.
6. DC United (10-11-2). Last week wasn't all that bad - after all, they did win a cup.
7. New York (8-7-8). No goals in last two road games as overall road record (1-6-5) is still abysmal.
8. Chivas USA (8-9-6). Won game despite no Kljestan, Harris, Marsch, Suarez, Thomas, Talley, Vaughn, Galindo.
9. Real Salt Lake (8-8-7). Were 22 minutes away from massive step forward.
10. Colorado (9-12-3). Don't give 'em up for dead yet... even though I did a week ago.
11. FC Dallas (6-9-8). Awful result for FC Dallas.
12. Los Angeles (6-9-8). So this team can score without Becks and LD.
13. Kansas City (6-9-8). Only Kevin Hartman is keeping this team from losing 5-0 every week.
14. Toronto FC (7-10-6). With or without its internationals, this team just isn't very good.


Frank said...


Of course, a Hungarian would know that.

Anonymous said...

The drubbing that the Crew gave the Revs helps put the Joe Public drubbing of the Revs into perspective.

So MLS isn't that bad, the Revs are just in dire straits compared to their earlier form...

Adam said...

Lake Balaton is a great vacation spot! I highly recommend it, and the city of Veszprem. Within an easy drive of both Vienna and Budapest as well.