Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Will skirts take the field?

Frankly, I understand why it's considered derogatory to refer to a woman as a "skirt" - I mean, would people reduce men to a piece of clothing? No one called a guy a necktie, even if only guys wear that.

But I think the skirts in the video look both cute and comfortable. In general, I don't understand why women's teams have to look like they're wearing handed-down uniforms of the men's team. A little style and originality is great to see.

On the other hand, anything looking too costumey or cheerleaderish is likely to be avoided by teams. I wonder if any of the WPS squads will go for a unique uniform look.


Edward said...

Is there supposed to be a link in this post? =P

Anonymous said...

the unis look nice, actually.

betch said...

There were pics from Tuesday's Allocation where players held up jerseys. I think Sky Blue and The Red Stars already have jerseys designed. And they don't look half bad.

The Hammer said...

Heck. As a guy, I'd wear them. We already wear the tight shorts under our regular unis, anything that fits more loosely above that would be comfortable.

I don't see men's teams adopting them any time soon, but this is an okay change for the women's game.

Jon E said...

It's funny--at some level I'm against skirts, but I suspect it's at a stupid level.

Partly, I think it just reminds me of 1960s girls playing field hockey. And partly it really does feel like this is Sepp Blatter's bright idea--as if some weird notion of girliness is getting forced on female athletes.

But if the players want 'em, who the hell cares what I think.

A.C. said...

yeah, that's something I thought about too, and anything that Blatter wants, I sometimes feel I'm against just on principle.

But for female tennis players, for example, athletic wear has become a component of self-expression that generates publicity and even creativity, as some of the players design what they wear. that doesn't seem like a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

up next: bikiniwear for the uswnt and the new league... that'll get some bums in seats