Saturday, September 20, 2008

The aftermath: Quaranta

Santino Quaranta was actually one to stick up for the referees. Well, he didn't exactly say that referee Terry Vaughn's terrible call was correct but he tried to talk about both sides of the issue.

Here's audio of my little chat with Santino.

He was actually a bit disconsolate, but it was mostly to do with his ankle. Quaranta had a giant bag of ice taped to his ankle as I talked to him.


Ben7 said...

He had a very good game (that's why he got fouled so much). good to see him on the good path again on/off the pitch.

Phillip Quinn said...

Did you ask Santino what if felt like to have Josh Wicks try to break his leg with no foul called?

Anonymous said...

terry vaughn should be refereeing peewee soccer... then again, it kinda makes sense he's an mls ref