Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Country comes first

Here's my column on MLS and scheduling. Also, thanks to the people who pointed me towards the Galaxy's fourth absence.

The Galaxy are at a disadvantage against RSL based on manpower alone. It would have been a tricky game with their full team. Still, this may be a good team to face with a depleted roster.

Real Salt Lake, after all, has won just once on the road. RSL has scored seven goals and allowed 20 on the road. So if the Galaxy were going to miss all these players, it may as well come at home against one of the worst road teams in the league.


Rudy said...

Great article, Bueno. Couldn't agree more. In fact after listening to that Carver audio I've decided not to renew my Galaxy season tickets. I'd rather choose to buy tickets for specific games instead of being stuck with tickets to watch the reserves play. The economy is to crappy to pay to watch 3rd rate soccer.

Anonymous said...

great write-up luis. thanks for the link.

saludos, d

papa bear said...

agree with your article 100%.
In fact Garber's blog had a post that finally acknowledged that they really need to try to find some way to avoid international dates though it wasn't super committal. (ya think missing a BLanco vs. Beckham opportunity didn't kick him in the ass?)

It really is stupid. Start the season 2 weeks earlier and dump Superliga (or make it the UEFA Cup of CONCACAF so the same 4 teams aren't always in 90 competitions)

It's just funny that they find time to take off for the ASG and billion bullshit friendlies (The Fire had no less than 6 on the schedule this year) but can't take dates off for FIFA dates.