Thursday, September 4, 2008

Low on fuel

I've gotten a few emails - well, ok, one, about not posting much these days. It's nice to be missed, I guess.

What's funny is the idea that I've somehow slacked off on my duties, or that this blog falling behind the pack in some way is supposed to wound my pride.

The simple reality of the media world today is that the blogs where writers are getting paid to blog should be the best ones out there.

People might see a small ad here and there on this blog, but really, the click-through rate of those ads are well, be honest, how often do you click on any of those?

I understand the truth of this situation. I'm relating it here so that people understand the why of the blog's ebb and flow. I respect our readers too much to sugarcoat anything. If and when we have time and with the energy we have left from other responsibilities, you'll find what we think about things. If we can, we'll throw in maybe some extra bits of info here.

I'm not trying to keep up with anyone - heck, I usually don't have time to read other blogs - and if someone else gets a good story, more power to them.

I hope some readers stick around to read material when I have time to post more, but honestly, I've realized people are always looking for something different. Some want more posts, some want longer posts, some want more humor, more breaking stories, others want less humor, less cursing, etc.

The email asking about why I haven't posted much questioned if I'd been sick and I had to laugh a little, because I actually post a ton of stuff whenever I'm sick. I sit in bed with my laptop and a box of tissues.

Anyway, I've been busy and consequently, quite tired. I'm back to teaching. The opportunities to freelance have lessened a lot.

I'm not giving up on the blog, though. It wasn't ever really about making money (that was more wishful thinking). It's mainly about sharing ideas and observations and tidbits of info we can't place elsewhere.

As soon as I get more time (and more sleep) I'll probably post more.


Daniel said...

If we aren't paying $$ for the right to read the blog, we aren't entitled to anything. Feel free to post whenever you are able to and want to. I enjoy very much your insight and I enjoyed seeing you develop your "corner".

starinyourfire said...

i enjoy coming to this blog too much to stop reading and i don't see myself stopping anytime soon. =D

d.s. said...

glad you are "back" :-)

seriously, one of the reasons this blog is what it is is the unique viewpoints (necessarily subjective, often) that the two of you offer, being soccer journalists in, shall we say, an interesting area of the country? that makes it *way* more interesting than stuff that appears in newspapers, even the soccer sections of major sites ( or espn), even stuff that the two of you write for these "more mainstream" media.

your loyal readers understand that writing a blog depends crucially on how much "free" time you have from your "real jobs" that pay your bills.

please keep it coming, and please don't let the fact that you got just one email when you were "gone" discourage you - there is a lot of us that are regular readers, we're just too polite to be nosy.

Anonymous said...


Our misfortune is your students' good fortune, I'm sure. I wish you in Cuba, though, getting the real inside scoop.

Be well!

A.C. said...

yeah, both Luis and I were really bummed that neither of us could be in Cuba. Rum goes to my head really fast, but I do think I'd have reported a lot of good info out of such a trip anyway.

CACuzcatlan said...

Just post whenever you have time. and feel like it. I'll keep reading, but I'll never complain. Good luck with your career.

Dylan said...

I know some blogs take donations. I you guys were set up to do it, I'd probably throw a few bucks your way. I get a lot here that I don't get in other places.

Ben7 said...

We enjoy your contribution, wheter it’s daily, weekly,monthly etc
Good Luck with the other job.

You’ll remain on my list of recommended MLS blogs :)

Nicole said...

Any time you can post is greatly appreciated. I visit this blog several times a day just to see what's up. We appreciate everything you do.

MB said...

I have to admit I was concerned when there was a gap in the posting. I worried that the blog was going away, or worse, that you might be ill. I'm glad to hear neither is true--this is an at least daily stop for me. I really enjoy both your and Luis's contributions. You take a somewhat different angle both in style and focus from a couple of the other blogs I read (Ives and Goff), so they complement each other very well. Keep up the great work!