Wednesday, September 17, 2008


The Johnny Exantus saga takes a twist abroad.

He's now with Royal Racing in Belgium, whose logo seems to be a rat.

I don't know yet if Red Bull New York got any compensation for him. He was in their youth academy, but was considered a great prospect to sign. They're going abroad at a younger and younger age, it seems. While I'm happy for them, I'm a bit sad that we don't get to enjoy these young stars on U.S. fields a bit longer.
It was great to watch Jozy play, for example. I never got to see Johnny X play.


bwidell said...

Wow, look at their squad:

That's a lot of Americans... and Canadians.

Hmmm... something's up with this Royal Racing FC...

A.C. said...

Yeah, it seems to be a club set up as a window for scouts to check out the product without having to make a trip Stateside. The club's own site says participation doesn't jeopardize amateur status. So signing with the club is basically like participating in a tour or camp. Guess X hasn't ditched the Red Bulls yet.

Anonymous said...

This is a lesson to MLS teams who are afraid to pull the trigger on signing there own prospects. If they loose this kid that is, which looks like they have. Red Bull has had all season to sign him and they did not thats on them.