Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sacha on the loss

I had the chance to talk to Sacha Kljestan after the match and asked him what he thought about Preki saying that Sacha's mind was already on the national team.

Here's the audio of our conversation.

Sacha leaves for US duty early Wednesday and will be with the team for the games against Cuba and Trinidad. I also asked him about Cuba, but you'll have to wait for that audio.


MB said...

Was by far the worst performance by Sasha that I've seen in a very long time. It wasn't just the missed PK, he was very poor all around--passing, touch, vision. If all I had seen was this match I'd never have believed he was a great prospect. It crossed my mind, too, that he seemed distracted, maybe by the upcoming Cuba match, maybe by the recent Euro talk.

L.B. said...

I think he's definitely been distracted by the possibility of going to Europe. Also, I think he's been given a bigger role on the squad (captain's armband and all) and I think he's having a little problem adjusting to that role. It will help him in the long run but I think it is a bit of an adjustment period for him.

Anonymous said...

hope he stays in this "adjustment" face for a while... at least through the qualifiers... here's hoping for a cuban alamo on saturday.

soy said...

sacha will be gone by winter (leaving us with no creative/attacking mid)

i cringe at the thought.

Anonymous said...

AC & LB:

Your blog is losing its currency - are you guys going out of business?

What gives?