Saturday, September 20, 2008

Star Wattage

The Galaxy have a crucial game at home today versus DC United. The team will apparently have a couple of famous fans on hand that I've seen at matches before, though never at the same one.

Tony Parker and Kobe Bryant will be rooting for their buddy David. Both basketball players have achieved with their separate teams what David still lacks - a U.S. championship.

On that note, let's play compare/contrast. I'll start off, and anyone who likes can continue in the comments.

All three speak a Latin language, but not a shared one. Tony speaks French, while Kobe speaks Italian and David speaks Spanish (a little).

All are in their thirties, but Kobe and David also have children.

All played soccer as kids. Obviously, only David does so professionally.


Anonymous said...

yawn... too bad the product on the field is so, well, awful.

Rudy said...

Maybe Kobe and Tony can join Beckham on the field, they would probably improve the team greatly.

A.C. said...

I do half-expect Cobi to run out there sometimes. . .