Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Who, what, where

WPS Player Allocations – U.S. Women’s National Team

WPS Team
Players Listed in Alphabetical Order

Bay Area: Nicole Barnhart, Rachel Buehler, Leslie Osborne

Boston Breakers: Angela Hucles, Kristine Lilly, Heather Mitts

Chicago Red Stars: Carli Lloyd,Kate Markgraf,Lindsay Tarpley

Los Angeles: Shannon Boxx, Stephanie Cox, Aly Wagner

Sky Blue FC: Natasha Kai, Heather O’Reilly, Christie Rampone

St. Louis; Lori Chalupny, Tina Ellertson, Hope Solo

Washington Freedom: Ali Krieger, Abby Wambach, Cat Whitehill

I guess what surprises me most are the names that are missing from this list. I don't know if they're not considered national team, haven't agreed on a WPS contract, are planning on going abroad, or have decided to retire from pro soccer.

Obviously, I'm not talking about the college players. I don't expect young women to leave school when the pro league hasn't proven a stable career option.

I mean players like Kacey White (who is on the current post-Olympic tour) Briana Scurry, India Trotter, Jenny Branam, and Amy Lepeilbet.

These players and others were either on the national team recently or knocking on the door, and I'm curious as to when they'll get allocated.

Still, I think the international players that are brought in may eventually make the biggest impact on the league. Which players would you most like to see go where?


Anonymous said...

Woe is DC

I think Washington's allocation looks much better on paper than it will in practice.

A.C. said...

Yeah, I actually like Chicago and St. Louis - a strong foundation in the back and middle is a good way to go.

CACuzcatlan said...

NO! Hope Solo isn't coming to LA :(

Jim said...

What about Marta to Los Angeles?

ghostwriter said...

I agree, AC that Carli, Tarp and Nana are a nice threesome for the Windy City. Could be a very good learning experience for Carli with this coach and her Euro background.

Actually, if Kristine Lilly has anything left in the tank the Boston allocation looks good to me also. Angela Hucles stock rose dramatically during the Olympics and Mitts has speed and ability to make runs up the wing. They could all help DiCicco's group.

I also thought the Blue Sky allotment was interesting with Kai, HAO, and Captain Christie. Lots of speed there front to back.

I was surprised to see Hope (a West Coast gal for sure) in St. Louis. Barcellos? I wonder if Marta or Cristiane might end up there as well? I suppose that's the biggest question, eh...whether some top international stars can be lured away from their current affiliations.

Anonymous said...

Man, I was about to skip going to Chivas USA games if Hope Solo came to L.A.

Rudy said...

I want to see Marta here in Los Angeles along with an assortment of Swedish players.

Anonymous said...

With Krieger staying in Germany for (at least) another season, DC's allocation looks even worse than I thought. Let's see if/how the league makes it up to them, though it shouldn't imo.

See my 1st post - called it - too bad I'm anonymous!

Anonymous said...




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